Living and Recovering: Birth Trauma

So, it’s been 2 years since we welcomed our sweet girl into our family and 2 years since the worst day of my life. Strange right? It’s a hard concept to grasp and it’s taken many months of therapy to understand and I’m still trying to make sense of it. The most traumatizing event toContinue reading “Living and Recovering: Birth Trauma”

What do you REALLY need for your new baby? My 5 essential items for a newborn!

As an expecting parent it can be overwhelming trying to decide what your baby needs. Bassinets, bottles, burp clothes, oh my! The truth is your baby doesn’t need even half of the items the baby industry is trying to sell you. I aim to be fairly minimalistic. This was half planned and half because myContinue reading “What do you REALLY need for your new baby? My 5 essential items for a newborn!”

My Birth Story – A Bandl’s Ring, Emergency Cesarean, and Trauma.

Today seems like a good day to share this story. I’ve ben holding on to it for 2 years, learning it inside and out, telling it to myself over and over again. I never had any intention on publicly sharing this story. I’ve always seen it as mine and it doesn’t really serve a purposeContinue reading “My Birth Story – A Bandl’s Ring, Emergency Cesarean, and Trauma.”

This is Postpartum: Perinatal Chiropractic Care With Dr. Devin Welch

It’s been 9 months of physical and emotional changes. You stretched, grew, and morphed. Then you (possibly) laboured and brought your baby earth side. Whether it was a vaginal or cesarean delivery, your body has just gone through one of the most major physical triumphs one can experience. Now you’re curling into your little oneContinue reading “This is Postpartum: Perinatal Chiropractic Care With Dr. Devin Welch”

This is Postpartum: Partners After Birth Trauma

It’s 1 week postpartum. I try to talk about what happened, I’m still numb. “You’re both here. That’s all that matters.” He quickly interjects. I feel as if he is dismissing my experience. I realize later that for him, this is what matters most. He didn’t think we would all be here. Repeating what heContinue reading “This is Postpartum: Partners After Birth Trauma”

This is Postpartum: After Birth Trauma and What You Should Know.

“Are you sleeping?” she asked. “Yep” I responded. I was 5 days postpartum, so I mean, I was sleeping as much as a mother with a newborn does. No one bothered to ask about the nightmares that happened when I did close my eyes. Next to being completely numb following my emergency cesarean, my nightmaresContinue reading “This is Postpartum: After Birth Trauma and What You Should Know.”

Are You Thriving OR Just Surviving in the Fourth Trimester?

You’re coming to the end of your third trimester, your belly swollen with life and albeit, probably a little uncomfortable. You’ve read the books about labour and delivery; you’re feeling prepared for this next part. But what about the part after that? What about the fourth trimester? Oh, you thought you were done after threeContinue reading “Are You Thriving OR Just Surviving in the Fourth Trimester?”

This is Postpartum: Parenting Without Your Parents

A river of emotions flows through a home when a new baby arrives. The highs and lows sweep through the house as you navigate the shift in life, love and relationships. Many women turn to their mothers or men to their fathers at this time and some don’t have the option at all. The lossContinue reading “This is Postpartum: Parenting Without Your Parents”

Postpartum After Loss : You’re Still Postpartum

Trigger warning: discussing postpartum after a loss, miscarriage, late miscarriage. A huge thanks to you, dear mama. Your willingness and strength to help others is inspiring. It was an honour to read about your experience and your sweet boy. Recently, I posed a question to my trusted mom group. “What was the most difficult orContinue reading “Postpartum After Loss : You’re Still Postpartum”

To My Daughter, My Trauma Baby

I believe that story telling is therapeutic. As a Postpartum Doula, I will encourage the processing of your birth story and alternate creative outlets. Story telling can come in many forms, drawing, painting, music. I choose to write. This particular version of my birth story was created so that I would have something to eventuallyContinue reading “To My Daughter, My Trauma Baby”