In-Home Postpartum Care

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I believe that there is a right Doula for everyone. You need to be comfortable with who you let into your life at this intimate time. It’s important for you to feel a connection with your Doula, as well as for your Doula to feel a connection with you so they can better serve you and your needs. Let’s spend 30 minutes together!

Postpartum Services:

-Light household duties such as dishes, laundry, general tidying.
-Meal prep and nutritious snacks.
-Assist in newborn care such as diapering, bathing, and comfort so that mom may have time to nap or shower.
-Help with older siblings.
-Breastfeeding support.
-Education on perinatal mood disorders.
-Peaceful space to share birth story.
-Communication by phone available between 9am-5pm. Text and emails are always welcomed and responded to between 7am-7pm.

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