Birth Reclaiming Ceremony

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Did you have a birth experience that wasn’t what you hoped for? Maybe you wanted more from the experience or maybe it was just traumatic and nothing like you ever imagined you would face. Healing from a difficult or traumatic birth experience is different for everyone and sometimes getting creative can be helpful. Something you may want to consider is a Birth Reclaiming Ceremony.

What is a Birth Reclaiming Ceremony? It’s a ritual to help you process your birth experience. Its purpose is to create the space and time for emotional and physical healing. This can be done at any point in your healing journey and entirely depends on when you feel ready.

Birth Reclaiming Ceremony Services include:

– Discussion about what a Birth Reclaiming Ceremony is and what you hope to achieve.
– Planning of the Birth Reclaiming Ceremony.
– Set up and take down of the ceremony space.
– In-person support during the ceremony.

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