6 Reasons Virtual Postpartum Doula Care is (Surprise!) Still Awesome

So, you’ve had you baby, which was different than you thought it would be. Now you’re entering your postpartum period starting with the first 40 days and it’s definitely different than you expected. Covid-19 is taking its toll in many places and perinatal care is not excluded. This may mean re-adjusting and bending to ideas and plans you never had. Maybe your partner wasn’t able to be present for the birth, or your doula or other support people that you imagined would be and now going into postpartum you’re left with similar limitations.

What you may not know, is Postpartum Doula care is still available. Regulations and recommendations will vary between provinces and even health regions and whether or not your doula can provide in home care is always changing. What isn’t changing is their ability to adapt and still offer amazing care.

Virtual doula care can be incredibly beneficial to your postpartum recovery. Here’s why:

  1. Yes, I’ll miss coming into your home and filling it will the smells of nourishing meals and snacks, but that doesn’t mean I will cease to do it at all. I can still provide grocery deliveries and meal and snack contactless drop offs, as well as any other supplies you may need for your postpartum recovery.
  2. I can still help process your birth story. Whether in person, zoom, call or text. I still want to hear about your birth story if you have a desire to share it. I can still be with you – even if I can’t BE with you.
  3. Feeding support can still be achieved virtually. I can still help troubleshoot any issues and provide resources necessary for successful feeding.
  4. Postpartum mood and anxiety disorders education and support is still available. If you’re having a difficult day or have concerns, I’m still here to help you navigate the process. You’re not alone.
  5. I can still help you build a postpartum plan and tailor it to your needs, including any additional needs that may need to be addressed due to covid-19.
  6. I’m literally available at the tips of your fingers. Have a question? Send me a text. Want to go over your story? Give me a call. E-mails, zoom calls, whatever works for you, works for me!

I want to be there in person, I really do, but don’t let that stop us from giving you the best postpartum we can. It may look different but different isn’t always bad. Different is what drives innovation and creativity. As a virtual doula, this time has given us an opportunity to explore other alternatives to make a better postpartum for the future!

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